Global Education Resources

GLADE is Somerset’s Global Learning and Development Education Centre.  We are the lead provider of international and global education services across Somerset and offer exciting activities and training to bring the world into Somerset’s schools and communities.

We have a large selection of resources can be invaluable for teaching:

  • Global citizenship
  • The global dimension throughout the school curriculum
  • International themes
  • Community cohesion
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of the curriculum
  • Global and development issues.

We would like to produce a range of videos, which show the resources within our Country Collections in a highly engaging way –

We would then make these videos available through our website and social media channels.

Each of our exciting country collections has been created jointly by GLADE personnel with particular knowledge of that country working together with colleagues from that country. Country Collections include artefacts, photopacks around common themes such as Homes & family, education & play, food & cooking, out and about, transport and communications, with additional activity packs relating to specific global issues or products associated with that country (eg. Bangladesh – jute; Ghana – beadmaking). Each Collection includes suggestions for teachers and facilitators about how to use them.

We provide training courses and workshops on best use of the Country Collections connecting them to; Critical and Reflective Learning, SEAL, and Distant Localities.

You can see an example of our 1st experiment here, which shows the countries for which we have a resource collection.



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